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Five Steps from Guilt to Gladness


At Halloween time I posted a video in youtube using a pile of leaves. The topic was “leafing” my negative thoughts behind. In the video I descibed a simple form of cognitive thereapy. Well… I had to use it today. I swear I was feeling guilty about EVERYTHING (I even felt guilty that our old car had a bad “check-up” yesterday…it must be my fault!) Everywhere I looked I could see my shortcomings and failures. Finally I got out my pencil and paper and (1)wrote what I was thinking then (2)how I felt about it then (3)asked myself “Can I actually know that is true?” (4) Finally when it was time to talk back to myself all I could do was stare and the paper and wish I felt better. (5) I then recalled my support team and turned to the page in my planner where I had the names of people I felt comfortable brainstorming with. I called Cindy. She helped me find positive somewhere in the rubble of the negative. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE TOOLS I’VE LEARNED. THIS KIND OF THINKING COULD HAVE KEPT ME DOWN FOR A MONTH OR MORE!! –


Quick, Creative Ideas that can boost your energy by 35%!!!-Patriciapotts.com

creativity2No, I haven’t done a full, double blind study BUT I have learned by my own experience, by my observations as a guitar teacher and the experiences of those around me that there is a connection between creativity and energy. There is often a connection between creativity and spirituality as well!!

So, here is a list of 5 -10 minute ideas I keep handy that I try to intersperse in my day and help me find more joy, energy and progress!! I simply work a while then refresh a bit then continue the routine.

Try it then please email me to let me know how it works for you!

1. Copy the list below
2. Begin with a deep breath and stretch upward then choose one of the following activities that appeal to you. Even 5 minutes can make a big difference!

– Read a book (novel or otherwise) page or two
– Do stretches or muscle resistant exercises
– Do something fun with a child
– Jump on the tramp
– Play with your dog
– Dance to a song you love or are trying to learn (who cares if the people in the other cubicles stare at you! You may start a trend!)
– Sew, crochet, quilt (men, that includes you. Don’t be shy. Try it, you may find you like it!)
– Sing at the top of your lungs
– Work on memorizing a song
– Unclutter a shelf/drawer/dresser top that bugs you
– Relax, close your eyes and visualize something you hope for and want to see happen. See yourself in the future experiencing your hope/dream/goal.
(I love hammocks so I drew a tiny hammock on a paper with other hopes/dream/goals then during my visualization time I saw myself swinging on a beige colored hammock. Recently I received a beige and maroon hammock for my birthday!! I wanted to write a book telling my story so I imagined myself holding it while sitting on a carrousel. This month I discovered a carrousel at a resort Dan and I was able to have pictures taken with me holding my book!) One caution I would add is to choose goals that don’t involve getting others to do what you want. I planned to earn my hammock, having it come as a gift was a big bonus!

– Spend a little cuddle-time with a loved one
– call a friend
– visit a neighbor
– Go for a short walk
– (30 min.) Take a bath or go in the hot tub
– Catch up on emails
– Write in your journal
– bake something to share
– Learn something (I’m on a marketing/computer learning curve)
– Art: Draw color or sketch something…anything!
– Work on a gift for someone
– Pray: Ask God to help you know who you can serve, give a note to, write an email etc.
– Keep adding to this list as you come up with more ideas…

Moving My Own Mound -patriciapotts.com

dirt-pileMounds of dirt and debris lay on an unused lot like the rounded backs of a elephants.  I thought of other mounds from memories of yesteryear…


        One night after three long months of depression, I had trouble sleeping.  Once again I asked myself why it was taking me so long to get better and why I was such a slow learner.  Once again I wondered if I would ever live a normal life.  When sleep finally began to overtake me, I had a dream.  In the dream, I was walking around the base of a large mountain of dirt.  As I walked, I sensed a guide, a tall man dressed in a white robe near my side.  He gestured to various persons who were each moving dirt from their individual mounds near the base of the mountain, onto the mountain itself.  “What are they doing?” I asked.

          “Each person has his own mound to move before his life is over,” he shovelexplained.  Upon closer observation I could see that some had spoons to move their mounds, some shovels and others funny looking scoops. Some were aided by wheel barrows, others by buckets and still others by only shovels.  Some piles were made up of regular dirt, others of sand and others of clay.  Some piles were just a few steps from the mountain and others were several yards away.

          “Where is the justice?” I asked as I surveyed the scene before me. The guide didn’t respond to my thought at first, but I soon observed that the people who spent their time leaning on their shovels while comparing their lot with others didn’t get much done.  They often, however, succeeded in drawing others into their complaint sessions.

          The individuals who were succeeding in their task were the ones who wasted no time comparing or complaining.  They concentrated on the task at hand, thankful for what they had, trusting that their task was tailor-made for them.

          When I awoke, I realized the folly of my own wasted effort in comparing myself with others and with the way I was before my depression. The real trick now would be persuading my heart and soul to believe what my head now understood.


Excerpt from My Journey from Darkness to Light by Patricia Potts

Youtube: “I Don’t Need Depression Medication!!!”

Patricia describes how she found out she was bipolar and what she learned about taking medication

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Depression,Fear,God: I Dreamed of Drowning in Murky Waters

Good Morning Dear Friend,


Last night I had a dream.


In my dream I was thrust into the ugly, cold, dull-green waters of a lake. There was darkness all around when reality replaced shock and I was paralyzed for an instant.  I.  felt cold waters begin to wrap me in their tentacles as surely as a spider must bundle her prey. Knowing that I had precious little time to escape, I began fighting. I kicked my legs and tried by sheer energy and determination to get to the top but it seemed I was only going deeper.  Exhausted and scared beyond belief I finally started looking for where the light was and began focusing on the light as I swam slowly upward. 


It was not until then that I discovered I had a life jacket on. By now my energy was mostly spent and I stopped fighting.  As I trusted the life jacket to do it’s job I began ascending more rapidly but I was almost out of air.  My husband Dan swim downward in a panic and passed within a foot of where I was been but I didn’t have the strength to touch him as he swished by.  “Whether I make it or whether I don’t,” I prayed “I will put my trust in thee God, either way.


As I slowly floated upward memories of family members began filtering through my heart and my tears mingled with the apathetic, cloudy waters of the lake.


Then suddenly and completely I surfaced.  My lungs burned, my limbs shook and I was nearly frozen but I was alive because I finally stopped fighting what is and began trusting in the life jacket of God’s care and love.  It was God’s power and my trust that allowed me to ascend to the light.


My dream ended.


I awoke gasping for air and sat up in my bed feeling very grateful to be alive.  I then began asking what this had to do with real life.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have too far to look to find that progress will come only when I am willing to “let Go and let God” help me in matters of parenting, the financial crisis the country is in, headaches and other things. It brought a calmness to my thoughts and a deeper trust to my heart.  I hope it helps you in the same way. 


I’d love to hear your stories and experiences about the power of trust in crisis as well.


Your friend,




My Long Awaited Arrival

I am pleased to announce that my little ones have arrived!!  They are safe and sound.  Although labor lasted over a year they are beautiful.  All 120 of them!!

I am referring, of course to my newest book My Journey from Darkness to Light. As I look at my books with their shiny covers and inviting sunrises my heart cries out “Thank you God.  Please help them be a blessing to myself, my family and all those around me.”  And my thoughts return to a time many years ago:

ExExcerpt from My Journey From Darkness to Light:
…I imagined myself sitting in a chair as if I was viewing a video of a past memory.  I saw my Father placing His hands upon my head and felt a great love for Him and an immense respect.  I could visualize my Heavenly Father saying that I would have experiences on earth that I would need in order to return to Him again.  Among the experiences He named was that of depression.  When I opened my eyes after the prayer was finished, I could only recall the warmth and love I felt and somehow I knew that I had agreed to go through the depression I was now facing, and I thought I heard my Father’s promise “one day this will be a blessing to you, your family, and all those around you.”

            After he finished praying, Dan and I embraced each other and wept.  Although I couldn’t tell just how this hellish experience with depression could ever be a blessing, at least now I knew that it wasn’t just a lack of character, a fatal flaw or a terrible imperfection…. It was part of my life’s experience that God somehow meant to use to benefit myself and others.

Please would you help us get this book into the hands and hearts of all those around us.

Amazon lists their books in order of popularity so my book is down the list right now when you look up key words such as “depression and bipolar”.  As more people buy it My Journey from Darkness to Light will rise closer to the top and offer hope to those who need it.  We are asking our friends and neighbors to order their books on October 7th so that we come out of the darkness (page 10) and into the light and help others to so as well!