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Five Steps from Guilt to Gladness


At Halloween time I posted a video in youtube using a pile of leaves. The topic was “leafing” my negative thoughts behind. In the video I descibed a simple form of cognitive thereapy. Well… I had to use it today. I swear I was feeling guilty about EVERYTHING (I even felt guilty that our old car had a bad “check-up” yesterday…it must be my fault!) Everywhere I looked I could see my shortcomings and failures. Finally I got out my pencil and paper and (1)wrote what I was thinking then (2)how I felt about it then (3)asked myself “Can I actually know that is true?” (4) Finally when it was time to talk back to myself all I could do was stare and the paper and wish I felt better. (5) I then recalled my support team and turned to the page in my planner where I had the names of people I felt comfortable brainstorming with. I called Cindy. She helped me find positive somewhere in the rubble of the negative. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE TOOLS I’VE LEARNED. THIS KIND OF THINKING COULD HAVE KEPT ME DOWN FOR A MONTH OR MORE!! –


Youtube: “I Don’t Need Depression Medication!!!”

Patricia describes how she found out she was bipolar and what she learned about taking medication

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Power Point Presentation about Bipolar Illness Packed with Possibilities!

"She seemed to be either all the way up or all the way down!!"When I was young, my Mother used to tell people that my emotions were either all the way up or all the say down.  We have created a power point in patriciapotts.com that summarize the ups and downs of bipolar illness, it’s symptoms as well as remedies in a presentation that takes less than 10 minutes!   Enjoy!

Fear, Bipolar: Thank God for Sunrises

Hello my friend,

This morning I am tired.  I got up with a headache at 3:45 and finally gave up trying to sleep at 4:30 a.m.  I plan to catch a nap sometime today to make up for my loss of sleep. 

Sometimes when things like this happen I feel afraid.  Afraid of what happened in the past when I got manic and afraid of what might happen in the future if bipolar problems surface again! 

At times like this I pray.  I can choose to trust and to use the tools and ideas he has already given me so that I can stay “sane.”  I am using will use tools like personal peace papers, prayer, medication, meditation, melatonin to get more sleep, listening to a recording about feeling overwhelmed and other ideas I’ve learned in the past.  I am thankful for the blessings of a supportive husband, family and friends and an assurance that there are even angels who wait to help me as I reach heavenward.

At times like this I am also thankful for the sun that will soon begin lighting the day with the promise of God’s unfailing help. 

Thank you, Father, for sunrises.

** Free downloads for personal peace papers and recordings to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed as well as other info. available on patriciapotts.com