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Reschedule your Worries

Are you worried?  Thinking about a loved one or trouble at work? Worried about something you are in charge of or a relationship problem?   Have you ever considered “rescheduling” your worry?  Can you give yourself 5 minutes to worry about it today then open up your calendar and reschedule a “worry time” a week from now?

Example: I was worried about my grand daughter.  When I became aware of her behavior I began to worry.  I wish I could do something to help.  After thinking about it,  I realized that I couldn’t do anything about it today except pray.  I then opened up my calendar and rescheduled my worry for next week when I was going to be with  someone who had more experience and insight than I had.

Rescheduling my worried is often the best solution for everyoneworry-445511.


2 minute solution to my frustration

Darn it!  My drawer simply would not slide in!  I took it out, checked the rails, examined it but still couldn’t put it back on the rail.  Finally in exasperation I stuck the drawer on the bottom of the cabinet and resigned myself to my slide-less drawer.

A month or so later our handyman was here working on another project when I asked him about my drawer.  He was kind enough to look at it.  Within 2 minutes he discovered a tiny screw that had come loose, tightened it and put my drawer back in it’s rightful place.

Wow, I thought, during that month I lost a lot of energy.  Every time I saw the displaced drawer I would sigh and feel frustrated.  In the end all I needed was someone who had more experience and a phillips screw driver.

I thought about how many times in my life I have had trouble figuring something out.  In the future I plan to consult someone who knows more.  I figure that the more I brainstorm or learn from others the less I “screw up.”screw

She Carried On

My friend lost her husband to a heart attack a few weeks ago. I wrote this short poem for her. Just thought I’d share:






She Carried On
By Patricia Potts
Dedicated to Margaret Millom

And so it was
That she carried on…
Despite the loss, despite the stress, despite the hills ahead…
She carried on
With fellow saints.
Onward, upward, with true grit and courage
Born of deep faith and countless hours and days
Of storing up the words of her Lord, the words of her leaders, the words of her heart
She carried on.
She tucked precious memories
Within the recesses of her heart…
And carried on.

How to Measure a Man – not judging others

If I could have three wishes, one of them would definitely be that I would not judge others.

That is why I love a quote I came across in the bathroom this morning.  It simply said “Measure a man by his heart.” Those brief words struck me with clarity as I pondered my thoughts over the last few days.  I thought of how I had “measured” my husband, my neighbor, a friend and myself with a straight, unyielding yardstick.  From now on I want to embrace the numbers shown by a simply measuring by his/her heart. Newsletter for July

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January 10, 2009 Issue #3


QUESTION AND ANSWERS: Here you will find 36 questions commonly asked by those going through discouragement, depression and bipolar disorder. I have invited a panel of experts to address these questions. They are individuals who have experienced their own depressions and found answers. An author, a therapist and a NAMI (National Alliance for Mentally Ill) expert join me as we share hope, knowledge and answers.

I am not an expert on medication, however, many have asked if there are supplements they can try before going the route of medication or use with the medication they are presently taking. This tab is dedicated to collecting data you can evaluate on your own with your physician or psychiatrist.

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New Ideas/Blogs/ and more

I ran across a great slideshow on ENERGY FOODS! Check it out!

What People are Saying
(Feedback from emails etc.)
You truly are an amazing person and one of those success stories that I’m looking for. I hope that my son can be one of those too. – D.

Dear Patricia,
Thanks for putting my hopeful video on your website. It was amazing how I was able to detach from my own words and learn from them. Even though I know my own thoughts and I was completely honest, my perspective on my trials seems less dire, as if I’m someone else, more wise and god-like, saying, “Of course you can make it through this!”
Maybe I should video myself often! – Gwendolyn Larsen

Dear Patricia,
Thanks for writing your book! I’m sure that you are helping lots of people.
I am very amazed at how you share such embarrassing and personal info openly. That takes lots of confidence! People feel more willing to share their own uncomfortable, but necessary-to-heal, info in such an environment.
Love, Gwendolyn

You are so wonderful doing all these uplifting things and helping so many people. Maybe someday I will be able to help others with what I have learned like you. By the way, you have taught me so much!!! I would love to view your newsletter L.C.

There is a member of our church in Utah who is bipolar and who has a stepson who is bipolar. She knows what depression is all about. She has a very uplifting website and tries to help people with songs, hopeful stories, thoughts, etc. I just thought you might want to check it out. Any light in the storm is helpful when we’re going through these rough times. Her website is: I hope that Michael is feeling better. D.

Till next time-
Thanks for spending time with us.
 Patricia


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Quick, Creative Ideas that can boost your energy by 35%!!!

creativity2No, I haven’t done a full, double blind study BUT I have learned by my own experience, by my observations as a guitar teacher and the experiences of those around me that there is a connection between creativity and energy. There is often a connection between creativity and spirituality as well!!

So, here is a list of 5 -10 minute ideas I keep handy that I try to intersperse in my day and help me find more joy, energy and progress!! I simply work a while then refresh a bit then continue the routine.

Try it then please email me to let me know how it works for you!

1. Copy the list below
2. Begin with a deep breath and stretch upward then choose one of the following activities that appeal to you. Even 5 minutes can make a big difference!

– Read a book (novel or otherwise) page or two
– Do stretches or muscle resistant exercises
– Do something fun with a child
– Jump on the tramp
– Play with your dog
– Dance to a song you love or are trying to learn (who cares if the people in the other cubicles stare at you! You may start a trend!)
– Sew, crochet, quilt (men, that includes you. Don’t be shy. Try it, you may find you like it!)
– Sing at the top of your lungs
– Work on memorizing a song
– Unclutter a shelf/drawer/dresser top that bugs you
– Relax, close your eyes and visualize something you hope for and want to see happen. See yourself in the future experiencing your hope/dream/goal.
(I love hammocks so I drew a tiny hammock on a paper with other hopes/dream/goals then during my visualization time I saw myself swinging on a beige colored hammock. Recently I received a beige and maroon hammock for my birthday!! I wanted to write a book telling my story so I imagined myself holding it while sitting on a carrousel. This month I discovered a carrousel at a resort Dan and I was able to have pictures taken with me holding my book!) One caution I would add is to choose goals that don’t involve getting others to do what you want. I planned to earn my hammock, having it come as a gift was a big bonus!

– Spend a little cuddle-time with a loved one
– call a friend
– visit a neighbor
– Go for a short walk
– (30 min.) Take a bath or go in the hot tub
– Catch up on emails
– Write in your journal
– bake something to share
– Learn something (I’m on a marketing/computer learning curve)
– Art: Draw color or sketch something…anything!
– Work on a gift for someone
– Pray: Ask God to help you know who you can serve, give a note to, write an email etc.
– Keep adding to this list as you come up with more ideas…

Moving My Own Mound

dirt-pileMounds of dirt and debris lay on an unused lot like the rounded backs of a elephants.  I thought of other mounds from memories of yesteryear…


        One night after three long months of depression, I had trouble sleeping.  Once again I asked myself why it was taking me so long to get better and why I was such a slow learner.  Once again I wondered if I would ever live a normal life.  When sleep finally began to overtake me, I had a dream.  In the dream, I was walking around the base of a large mountain of dirt.  As I walked, I sensed a guide, a tall man dressed in a white robe near my side.  He gestured to various persons who were each moving dirt from their individual mounds near the base of the mountain, onto the mountain itself.  “What are they doing?” I asked.

          “Each person has his own mound to move before his life is over,” he shovelexplained.  Upon closer observation I could see that some had spoons to move their mounds, some shovels and others funny looking scoops. Some were aided by wheel barrows, others by buckets and still others by only shovels.  Some piles were made up of regular dirt, others of sand and others of clay.  Some piles were just a few steps from the mountain and others were several yards away.

          “Where is the justice?” I asked as I surveyed the scene before me. The guide didn’t respond to my thought at first, but I soon observed that the people who spent their time leaning on their shovels while comparing their lot with others didn’t get much done.  They often, however, succeeded in drawing others into their complaint sessions.

          The individuals who were succeeding in their task were the ones who wasted no time comparing or complaining.  They concentrated on the task at hand, thankful for what they had, trusting that their task was tailor-made for them.

          When I awoke, I realized the folly of my own wasted effort in comparing myself with others and with the way I was before my depression. The real trick now would be persuading my heart and soul to believe what my head now understood.


Excerpt from My Journey from Darkness to Light by Patricia Potts

Codependent Bookmark: From Darkness to Light


  • Except when instructed by the spirit take your love

 to your loved one, your frustrations to the Lord.

  • If what your doing hasn’t worked the first 1000 times

 why do you think it will work the 1001st time?

  • Teach him true principles then respect his right to choose
  • Do what we can to help him feel a part of the family
  • Am I honoring his agency and letting life teach their lessons?
  • Men are that they might be free to choose liberty and eternal

 life or captivity and death.

  • Don’t worry.  The world will teach him. My efforts won’t

speed up the process but they may slow it down!

  • He values sleep, play and friends. W value integrity, work

 and family. We may not agree with him right now but perhaps

 by accepting him where he’s at I may be able to stop judging and

start allowing him to be on mile 2 instead of expecting mile 5.

  • Forgive him, Father, for he knows not what he does.
  • It is as it is…it cannot be otherwise
  • It is not my job to compel, coerce or prod
  • War didn’t humble them- only famine did
  • Remember the prodigal’s son.
  • Every knee shall bend…
  • They (the rebels) will return unto me.
  • He granteth  unto men according to their


For more help see or you

can purchase My Journey from Darkness to Light


Youtube: “I Don’t Need Depression Medication!!!”

Patricia describes how she found out she was bipolar and what she learned about taking medication

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

(I’m writing this story because when I have tough stuff happen to me I find that writing about it and sharing can help turn negative into positive.  Thanks for listening.)


Our series of events may not be as earth shattering or shocking as the movie but its real none-the-less and it happened last night.


Our series began when our daughter, Cindy, mentioned that there was a really great play in town at a local theater.  Her children loved the musical The Ark, and they just HAD to see it! Cindy invited us to join them and bought tickets so we could all go.


The first sign of trouble happened when Cindy’s classes at the University of Phoenix were changed from Mondays to Thursdays.  The play, of course, was on Thursday.


Not to worry, Dan and I decided to take the kids ourselves while she was at school.  I got a sitter for 1 year old Joshua and looked forward to enjoying the other three children along with Dan.


Half an hour before Cindy left for school she closed the door to our room and focused as she finished homework for her new class and I was watching Joshua as he and 4 year old Michael played in the crisp autumn leaves as the gold, green and brown colors mixed together to form an inviting topping for the green grass beneath.  Three times I felt prompted to interrupt Cindy’s studying to get the tickets.  Instead I asked “Michael, I need you to go ask Mommy for the tickets Okay?” He nodded his head and went inside.


In the meantime a neighbor stopped by and I forgot all about Michael’s errand. 


Later, Cindy said ”When I was getting ready to leave I had the distinct and repeated impression to take my cell phone, but dismissed the feeling because I thought Kalli might need it.” 


Time flew and Cindy dashed out the door to go to school and I didn’t have the tickets!


It was almost 6:00 when Dan arrived from work; the play began at 7:00.   We quickly got the kids to the table for dinner and between bites of chicken I remembered that I still didn’t have the tickets!  Dan took over with the kids and I quickly drove to her school then spent half an hour hearing about confidentiality and trying to find out where Cindy was, only to learn that her new class was located on a different campus!


I rushed down 9 streets to find the new sitter’s address, got her home to watch Joshua then Dan and I got the other kids in the car and drove to the other campus.  15 minutes later and more discussion about confidentiality I found Cindy and learned that the tickets were at Will Call (why didn’t I listen better during previous conversations?) 


We turned left out of the college campus and got stuck between two lanes trying to maneuver into the right hand lane (ever felt the stress of 8 pairs of eyeballs blaring at you as you wait for the light to turn to green?)


By now the play had already begun.  Dan asked if I knew which building it was in or where to park.  Daaah!  As we drove around looking for parking Michael asked “When will we be at the play?” and 7 year old Tiarra kept singing songs from the play with Kalli.  “Please guys” I begged “we’re pretty stressed right now.  Please whisper!”  The whispering lasted approximately 2  seconds before the volume continued as before.  By now I was practicing deep breathing so much I thought I might pass out!


Dan let me out to see if I could learn where we should go.  I rushed toward an open door of Salt Lake Community College.  I began at the student barbershop discreetly inquiring of 3 students “Do you know where the theater is that is playing The Ark?”  These students had no clue so I decided to try the shot gun approach.  I entered and walked through the doorway of the beauty shop where about 15 people were being shaved, cut or permed.  “Anybody know” I shouted above the buzz “where the theater on campus is that is playing The Ark?” After observing several amused, shocked or passive expressions I got “Nope,”,“Sorry” or the shaking of heads (I hope I didn’t cause any haircut accidents). 


I ran out of the building and jumped into the car.  After catching my breath I suggested “Let’s park.”  Parking was not easy but finally we found a spot, fed the meter with what change we could muster then began our trek around the College campus with three kids in tow.  Half an hour later we found an information desk where we were told that there was no theater at that campus, it was at the south campus (of course).


By now it was 7:45. My blood pressure had risen considerably, the kids continued to ask “How much longer?” and Dan just wanted to forget the whole thing (despite the fact that the tickets were $10 each… at least they weren’t the seat on in the front that cost $24.00!)


We decided to call the box office before taking our next move.  Miraculously I found the number then heard “The box office is closed.  It will reopen tomorrow morning at 10:00.  Call back then or leave a message…beep…” (I hate it when that happens!)


Dan headed for home as he pointed out “Since the box office is closed we wouldn’t be able to get our Will Call tickets anyway!”


“Aren’t we going to the play?” demanded Michael “Sorry, Michael” Dan responded “We tried but it just didn’t work out.”


The environment in our car was anything but peaceful.  It included heavy sighs, exclamations of “It’s not fair!” and out right crying (I’m sure glad it was only a 10 minute drive to our home!)


After taking the babysitter home (at least this time I knew where she lived) I drove home and counted the many unfortunate events that led to the fact that we missed our beloved play.  Most of all I thought about when I felt I needed to talk to Cindy about the tickets and sent Michael instead. 


Earlier that day I had read an article written by my friend, Darla, where she didn’t listen to a honey-prompting:


One day I felt a distinct prompting to tighten the lid of the honey dispenser. My four little children had been especially demanding and I had ten things I still wanted to do to prepare for the Relief Society lesson I had to give the next day. I ignored the prompting. A second later I grabbed for the honey and was halfway across my carpeted kitchen before I realized I was leaving a trail of honey clear across the floor. I spent a half-hour sorely needed for other things on my hands and knees scrubbing honey and feeling stupid because I knew that even in this tiny thing the Holy Ghost had done his part to spare me this unnecessary clean-up—and I had not paid attention.


As I pulled in the driveway I had to admit to myself “If I had followed that personal commandment I would have gotten answers to the questions “Where are the tickets? What is the address of the theater and what is the address of the sitter?”


It would have been wise to remember “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear”. The result would have been enjoying an evening of entertainment instead of a series of stresses. (Here is the part of the story where I have to be careful not to get into self-beating)


This morning I found the scripture in John 15:10 “If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.”


I wish I would have listened more closely to my own personal commandment “YOU need to talk to Cindy about the tickets.”  So now as I complete the processing of this event I pray “Dear Lord, please forgive me for not listening.  Please help me REMEMBER to listen and obey so that next time I can avoid the series of unfortunate events!