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Potts Christmas Letter 2014


In Marchchristmas letter1 Dan and I fulfilled a lifelong dream to go to Israel.  When my Aunt Gloria and Uncle John invited us to go with them, we just couldn’t turn down the opportunity.  Our favorite memory was the Garden Tomb.  It is truly a sacred place.  We were thankful we went when we did because the later unrest would have made it unwise.

May found us in Mapleton Canyon with the Tews as usual. In June Dan and I went to Fish Lake again with Doug and Darla.  Fun. We enjoyed several trips to Cedar City including Noelle’s blessing.

Our Family Retreat was based in Salt Lake City this year and included a trip to Lagoon, the Aquarium and Tracy pict2


christmas pict3We also enjoyed a 2 week visit in July visiting with our London friends, Nathan and Adiaha.  We enjoyed many memories including a helicopter ride over that Grand Canyon, a rodeo, a Salt Lake Real game, Bryce and Zions National Park and many other activities

Our home improvements centered on remodeling our bathrooms.

Dan had his not-so-surprise surprise party in January even though his real birthday is in March.  Lots of family and friends showed up for the event.  Tiff and Adam even came up from Minnesota for the event! Dan continues to work at Northwest Pipeline and go to U of U football games and run some half marathons.

Patricia spent 10 days in Sweden for her friend, Lotta’s wedding.  It was an incredible experience.  She continues to serve as Ward Historian and works with Kerri with their speaking opportunities.  They have a new website: ‘’ that has been a wonderful addition to their service. She also was able to go up in a Hot air balloon with her mother this year to help fill one of the tchristmas pict4hings on her mom’s bucket list.

christmas pict5Cindy teaches kindergarteners at Backus Elementary now. Mike continues to teach karate and be involved in the political arena. Kalli was the lead in the high school play THE WEDDING SINGER. She is also in Madrigals and driving now. Tiarra has been in two plays at Midvale Theater: Babes in Toyland and Thoroughly Modern Millie.  She has recently landed a main part in Guys and Dolls. The boys have been involved in soccer and continue to be in Mike’s karate class.  Michael earned his black belt this year as well.

Heidi gave birth to Noelle on the 8th of April and has been a ray of sunshine and hope.   Heidi continues to do much with the SID’s organization.  Heidi’s family’s big wow vacation this year was one week at a California beach house. Jason continues to work for the Forest Service.  They are giving him experience in many areas and he now oversees the christmas pict6maintenance of the fleet vehicles.  McKinley was in a Dr. Seuss play, Ireland was in gymnastics, Kezia loves her preschool, Link continues to be a big part of their family from heaven above and Noelle is a real charmer.

Tiffany and her family continue to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They are planning to move into a new house inchristmas pict7 December.  They enjoyed a Caribbean cruise for thchristmas pict8eir 10th anniversary. Maddy loves to sing and play with her dolls.  Grace is almost walking now and loos the spitting image of Maddy at that age. Tiff is doing well with her real estate job and through his work at Sleep Number, Adam is getting experience in a wide variety of way.







christmas pict10Trisha and her family welcomed Caden on August 6th.  They now have 3 boys.  Darrin continues to work at EBay. He enjoys having just a 7 minutes commute to work. Parker reads very well and is taking an online preschool course.  Spencer loves to follow Parker’s lead wherever it takes him.  Caden has a winning smile that captures all hearts.







Joseph continues to live and home and works for Otis Elevator Company now.  He travels to Ogden at 4:30 A.M!  He had a lot of fun working his booth at Comicon.  He and his partner created real-looking plastic guns for Comicon Characters. Currently he is dating a nice young woman named Alicia.



christmas pict11Josie moved to Wyoming to work for the government as an RN who inspects facilities.  She loves her job but wishes she could do less traveling.  David works as a trucker.  Alex graduated from high school and lives with her grandparents as she attends the U.  Julia moved in with her sister in Salt Lake and the boys attend school in pict13


We hope our Christmas Letter finds you happy and well.

Love from the Potts




Reschedule your Worries

Are you worried?  Thinking about a loved one or trouble at work? Worried about something you are in charge of or a relationship problem?   Have you ever considered “rescheduling” your worry?  Can you give yourself 5 minutes to worry about it today then open up your calendar and reschedule a “worry time” a week from now?

Example: I was worried about my grand daughter.  When I became aware of her behavior I began to worry.  I wish I could do something to help.  After thinking about it,  I realized that I couldn’t do anything about it today except pray.  I then opened up my calendar and rescheduled my worry for next week when I was going to be with  someone who had more experience and insight than I had.

Rescheduling my worried is often the best solution for everyoneworry-445511.

2 minute solution to my frustration

Darn it!  My drawer simply would not slide in!  I took it out, checked the rails, examined it but still couldn’t put it back on the rail.  Finally in exasperation I stuck the drawer on the bottom of the cabinet and resigned myself to my slide-less drawer.

A month or so later our handyman was here working on another project when I asked him about my drawer.  He was kind enough to look at it.  Within 2 minutes he discovered a tiny screw that had come loose, tightened it and put my drawer back in it’s rightful place.

Wow, I thought, during that month I lost a lot of energy.  Every time I saw the displaced drawer I would sigh and feel frustrated.  In the end all I needed was someone who had more experience and a phillips screw driver.

I thought about how many times in my life I have had trouble figuring something out.  In the future I plan to consult someone who knows more.  I figure that the more I brainstorm or learn from others the less I “screw up.”screw