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Three Wishes– Judge no more

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Patricia Potts- A Bit about Me

I won’t tell you that I love to cook or clean, but I will say that I love to swing on my hammock, write a family newsletter, eat coconut shrimp and watch Star Trek with my honey.  I love to have my hair brushed, share God’s love notes with family and friends, and go walking and talking with my Heavenly Father when the sun is just rising.  I love to play and teach guitar, sing, speak at numerous events including Relief Societies, and hear that someone has read one of my books. I love hugs from one of our five children or eight grandchildren, warm “I love you’s” from parents. Most of all, I love to make a difference in the lives of those around me.

Recently I was released as Primary Chorister.  Right now I am a visiting teacher.

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How to Measure a Man – not judging others

If I could have three wishes, one of them would definitely be that I would not judge others.

That is why I love a quote I came across in the bathroom this morning.  It simply said “Measure a man by his heart.” Those brief words struck me with clarity as I pondered my thoughts over the last few days.  I thought of how I had “measured” my husband, my neighbor, a friend and myself with a straight, unyielding yardstick.  From now on I want to embrace the numbers shown by a simply measuring by his/her heart.