Gratitude: a Gift from God

treesAs I was walking yesterday I noticed how green the trees were and I felt gratitude seep into my heart filling it and lighting up the corners with love.

Gratitude has not always come easy for me.  Sometimes it eludes me as anger, hurt or frustration invade the walls of my heart shutting windows, locking doors and barring entrance.  Other times depression has filled my heart with darkness, absorbed my every thought. and kept me from happiness.  Other times I have written lists of things I should be grateful for,  but true gratitude never made it from the paper to my heart.

What made the difference from today’s brilliant colors and yesterdays drizzling grays?

I believe that my new attitude is the divine gift of God– a miracle as great as the parting of the red sea.  And I believe it is given to me in portions like manna.  It comes in seasons: “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” (Eccl. 3:1)     When it is my season to learn to be long-suffering my exercises in gratitude are just surface. When it is my season to rejoice and be glad I can FEEL the joy of people and things around me 

How can I invite this divine gift of God so that I can feel gratitude heart-deep more often?

Sometimes I must wait.  Sometimes I must ask for it.  Other times giving service warms my heart and helps it to become a vessel ready for light and truth. 

In all cases I have found that recognizing gratitude as a gift from God brings me closer to magic, wonder, and exquisite joy.

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