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January 10, 2009 Issue #3


Aug. 4, 2009


Patricia Potts has written an incredibly insightful ‘insider’s guide,’ describing what it is like to suffer from depression and bi-polar illness. [ASIN:1419694952 My Journey >From Darkness to Light: How to Overcome Depression and Bipolar Illness One Step at A Time]. Reading her book, one cannot help but be overwhelmed with sadness and empathy for those who suffer from these illnesses. I am embarrassed at how little I truly understood about the feelings and struggles of those suffering these illnesses. I am ashamed to think how many times I may have ignored pleas for help, been insensitive to sufferers, or made comments that were not helpful.

Happily, the book is not just a description of the daily struggles for those suffering these medical problems, but is a story of hope and a way to cope — if not overcome. Patricia has written an indispensable guide book that will assist not only sufferers but also family members and friends. Her vivid writing style and emotional descriptions clearly teach the reader that it is not a solution (for the sufferer or the well-meaning friends) to say “just get over it,” or to ignore the problem.

There is so much to learn from this account of Patricia’s struggles, on several levels: The reader learns the importance of help by family, neighbors, friends, and fellow church members. Patricia’s story recounts the amazing patience and loyalty of a loving spouse. The value of medication (and recognition of this as a medical problem) is convincingly illustrated.

The most powerful moral of the book — and the source of its uplifting theme — is the compelling story of how Patricia came to know God as a result of her experiences. At great cost, she has come to know God in ways and to a degree known by few others. The question for me, as a reader, is whether I will ingrain into my life the wisdom, insights, and personal relationship with God that she has gained — without having to undergo the same wrenching experiences that led Patricia to her spiritual state.

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Summer has been busy and is scheduled to get busier still with a Family Retreat coming up at Moon Lake so I haven’t been writing very much lately. We have some great sites for you to browse though.


Dan and I on our fishing day (he did the fishing, I did the hammock)

New Ideas/Blogs/Videos and more

Check out this site offers additional insight on depression and bipolar:,,20188216_3,00.html

Check out this site. It has a helpful video about bipolar on it:

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