Want to change someone?

Recently I had a situation with my 20 year old son when I wanted very badly to change his thinking so I was humbled as I read in my Alanon book:
ship in storm
Keep thyself first in peace and then thou wilt be able to bring others to peace. Have, therefore, a zeal in the first place over thyself. – Thomas A’ Kempis

It reminded me of another thought from FIRST AID FOR FEELINGS:

When a storm hits the sea, sailors quickly learn that before they can
help others, they must first secure one hand on the helm. When an
airplane is in trouble and oxygen masks are dispersed, passengers
are taught to put their own masks on before helping others. So it is in
our lives, we must pay attention to our own spirituality and well-being
first; then we will be prepared to help others. (Patricia Potts)

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