Monthly Archives: February 2009

Joy in the Touchdown!

I clicked into Amazon to gather information about my book sales for January 2009 only to discover that there were no sales. I thought of all the posts, newsletters and blogs I had created and felt discouragement welling up inside me like a sponge in my chest soaking up any hope or encouragement within. I had committed to 8-10 hours a week of marketing to help my books find new homes and now this. Discouraged I looked around the kitchen where my desktop computer resided and silently prayed, “Please Father. “I am trying to follow thy will. I want to bless the lives of others but I don’t think it will happen at this rate.”

Standing I stretched backward to relieve my tired back then began to pace through our forest green couches. “What more could I have done? How can I get my books to those who need them? How can I feel at least a little progress?”

The day continued and I became increasingly frustrated. Soon I found myself thinking “Why try. I may as well give up my marketing efforts and do something productive! I can give my remaining books to my children and their children and their children”

By 2:00 I began teaching guitar and kept busy doing what I love. Cheering those who were practicing and encouraging those who were not.

It was nearly 6:30 when Mary and her daughter, Elizabeth came. Elizabeth was a new student and we spent much of the lesson on orientation and helping her get started on her first song. Just before she left Mary said “I looked at your website and I loved it. Do you have any books here that I could buy?”

Mary didn’t know it at the time but she was a direct answer to my prayer as she continued “I have been looking for something just like this.”

Mary followed up the next week by sharing “I could hardly put your book down. It was an answer to my prayers.”

I once read of a football player who had trained and paid the price to make a touchdown. When the big game came he was tackled just 2 inches from a touchdown. Instead of giving up he kept on doing what he was doing and finally made that touchdown.

I am thankful that my Heavenly Father and his angels were mindful of me and my heartfelt desire to get a book to Mary so that we could both find joy in the touchdown and hope for the future.