Monthly Archives: December 2008

An Innocent Looking Turtle-Neck Sweater

by Patricia Potts
It’s 2:00 A.M. and I’ve been up since 1:00 with neck pain. Who would have thought that pulling a turtle-neck sweater over my head could cause me so much trouble? I’ve already been to the chiropractors twice and I’m going again tomorrow. Yet, with a degenerative neck disorder, I guess I should have known that such a thing could happen. I should been more careful when I tried wriggling and then forcing my head through that narrow opening like a babe pushing her way into the world.

As I rub muscle relaxant over the base of my neck and chug a few exedrine down the hatch, I think of other situations in my life where I should have been more aware and protective of my weaknesses.

Times when I should have stayed out of conversations where there was negative comments being made rather than finding myself adding to the fuel then feeling the after pains of judgment. Times when I put myself into situations where I agreed to do things out of approval addiction then felt the tight grip of guilt as I found that I couldn’t follow-through. Times when I didn’t tell the whole truth so I wouldn’t “get into trouble” with someone then felt an accusing conscience “prick me” as I realized that I should retrace my steps and be fully honest.

Now, as I consider whether to try to take my weary neck back to bed or whether to start the day early I hope that I will recognize and admit my weaknesses more fully and avoid the turtle-necks in my life. (By the way, I’m giving away my turtle neck sweater. Any takers?)


Quick, Creative Ideas that can boost your energy by 35%!!!

creativity2No, I haven’t done a full, double blind study BUT I have learned by my own experience, by my observations as a guitar teacher and the experiences of those around me that there is a connection between creativity and energy. There is often a connection between creativity and spirituality as well!!

So, here is a list of 5 -10 minute ideas I keep handy that I try to intersperse in my day and help me find more joy, energy and progress!! I simply work a while then refresh a bit then continue the routine.

Try it then please email me to let me know how it works for you!

1. Copy the list below
2. Begin with a deep breath and stretch upward then choose one of the following activities that appeal to you. Even 5 minutes can make a big difference!

– Read a book (novel or otherwise) page or two
– Do stretches or muscle resistant exercises
– Do something fun with a child
– Jump on the tramp
– Play with your dog
– Dance to a song you love or are trying to learn (who cares if the people in the other cubicles stare at you! You may start a trend!)
– Sew, crochet, quilt (men, that includes you. Don’t be shy. Try it, you may find you like it!)
– Sing at the top of your lungs
– Work on memorizing a song
– Unclutter a shelf/drawer/dresser top that bugs you
– Relax, close your eyes and visualize something you hope for and want to see happen. See yourself in the future experiencing your hope/dream/goal.
(I love hammocks so I drew a tiny hammock on a paper with other hopes/dream/goals then during my visualization time I saw myself swinging on a beige colored hammock. Recently I received a beige and maroon hammock for my birthday!! I wanted to write a book telling my story so I imagined myself holding it while sitting on a carrousel. This month I discovered a carrousel at a resort Dan and I was able to have pictures taken with me holding my book!) One caution I would add is to choose goals that don’t involve getting others to do what you want. I planned to earn my hammock, having it come as a gift was a big bonus!

– Spend a little cuddle-time with a loved one
– call a friend
– visit a neighbor
– Go for a short walk
– (30 min.) Take a bath or go in the hot tub
– Catch up on emails
– Write in your journal
– bake something to share
– Learn something (I’m on a marketing/computer learning curve)
– Art: Draw color or sketch something…anything!
– Work on a gift for someone
– Pray: Ask God to help you know who you can serve, give a note to, write an email etc.
– Keep adding to this list as you come up with more ideas…