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My Loved One Gave the Gift of Life

By Patricia Potts

(Wherever possible my loved one wishes to keep his gift anonymous, so in keeping with this request I will not disclose his name.)

He allowed another person to reach inside of him and take his kidney so that another person could have life.

Those who are closest to him saw him give 20 – 30 hours prior to the surgery so he could be interviewed, poked, prodded and tested to make sure his kidney would be a good match for the recipient. In the mean time, the recipient went through poking, prodding and testing as well as training so that he could learn how to properly take care of his new kidney so that the gift would not have been given in vain.

At the hospital following surgery, I visited him. He and others like him painfully moved their scared bodies along the hallways of the hospital to begin the long recovery process their priceless gifts required.

In addition to the donors, many recipients roamed the halls of the hospital. One woman beamed when I asked what she was doing there. “I received a kidney and also a pancreas! I am about to have a whole new life” she declared!

And so, as I plan, buy and wrap Christmas gifts this year I will reflect on my anonymous friend and his sacrifice. I also find myself remembering another loved one, my brother Jesus Christ. I remember His sacrifice, His pain and His scars. When I feel joy, energy or gratitude I know it comes from the new heart He gave me. May I remember my own training, take excellent care of that heart and thank Jesus for the gift he so lovingly gave me so that his sacrifice for me may not be in vain.


Our Daughter, Trisha found a NEW WAY to BRIGHTEN her day!

tricycleNovember 10, 2008 entry:

Moving My Own Mound

dirt-pileMounds of dirt and debris lay on an unused lot like the rounded backs of a elephants.  I thought of other mounds from memories of yesteryear…


        One night after three long months of depression, I had trouble sleeping.  Once again I asked myself why it was taking me so long to get better and why I was such a slow learner.  Once again I wondered if I would ever live a normal life.  When sleep finally began to overtake me, I had a dream.  In the dream, I was walking around the base of a large mountain of dirt.  As I walked, I sensed a guide, a tall man dressed in a white robe near my side.  He gestured to various persons who were each moving dirt from their individual mounds near the base of the mountain, onto the mountain itself.  “What are they doing?” I asked.

          “Each person has his own mound to move before his life is over,” he shovelexplained.  Upon closer observation I could see that some had spoons to move their mounds, some shovels and others funny looking scoops. Some were aided by wheel barrows, others by buckets and still others by only shovels.  Some piles were made up of regular dirt, others of sand and others of clay.  Some piles were just a few steps from the mountain and others were several yards away.

          “Where is the justice?” I asked as I surveyed the scene before me. The guide didn’t respond to my thought at first, but I soon observed that the people who spent their time leaning on their shovels while comparing their lot with others didn’t get much done.  They often, however, succeeded in drawing others into their complaint sessions.

          The individuals who were succeeding in their task were the ones who wasted no time comparing or complaining.  They concentrated on the task at hand, thankful for what they had, trusting that their task was tailor-made for them.

          When I awoke, I realized the folly of my own wasted effort in comparing myself with others and with the way I was before my depression. The real trick now would be persuading my heart and soul to believe what my head now understood.


Excerpt from My Journey from Darkness to Light by Patricia Potts


notesI confess. I am a notorious note-taker.  I am addicted to writing notes wherever go from church to seminars.  My husband can verify this vice.  Do I reread my notes?  Do I keep it up to win koodes from others so they will think I’m paying attention?  Do I write wrecklessly to keep myself from falling asleep or to make the presenter feel profound? Who knows.  Maybe the answer is “D” all of the above.  How long have I had this addiction?  I think from the time I could write.  


I confess.  My addiction has caused many a tree to fall, a box to be filled, a hungry waste basket to be fed and the total lbs. in our house to increase proportionately. 


I discovered, however, that after all these years of notes taking, the most powerful form for me is now “paper prayers.” My friends began telling me about it through books, emails and conversationsyears before I actually tried that type of praying and made it a part of my daily life.  They explained that praying on paper was similar to praying out loud without the sound sound-waveswaves.  They suggested that I simply write a letter back home to heaven.  Thanking, expressing concerns, asking questions and listening for the spirit to answer their prayers then recording their answers.


After watching their examples and seeing how much more peace this practice brought them  I finally I decided to begin my “capturing” on a beautiful summer day on my rocking chair and began my half hour daily of personal study with my trusty spiral notebook. I embarked on my paper prayer journey by addressing my Father then I let my thoughts, feelings, questions, requests and gratitude flow. Soon I began using symbols because they allowed me to say more in less time and helped me get to the “meat” of the conversation quicker.  The 3 symbols I use are hearts, arrows and question marks. 


To illustrate here is part of my paper prayer today:


Dear Father, Jesus and all my heavenly Helpers…

heart(heart) I thank thee for…

(heart)   a good nights sleep

(heart) Our home

(heart) Our dog

(heart) The fireplace

(heart) My painted toe nails…etc.


Please help me with…

arrow-up(arrow) My weakness in judging one of our children

(arrow) My right knee pain

(arrow) My marketing efforts for the two books we have written

(arrow) Racing thoughts



I was wondering…

question-mark(Question Mark) When can I find time to dejunk the computer area, the dresser in our room

…leave space for the answer…

(Question Mark) What is the best way to bring up clutter with the grandkids?

…leave space for the answer…

(Question Mark) Should I advertise again for my 3 guitar student openings?

…leave space for the answer…



Well, you get the idea.  When I ask questions I allow for plenty of room to write the answers.  Sometimes the answers come quickly.  Sometimes they come after reading scriptures or some other inspirational thing.  Sometimes they come during the day or later. 


Either way, when they come it is a miracle and I can relate to the quote in First-Aid for Feelings that reads:


If I sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to His words, I believe I would

have pen and paper in hand to capture the peace and wisdom that

would flow from Him. When I receive inspiration, promptings and

directions from His Spirit, why is it that I so often fail to write it down?

(Patricia Potts)



So, for all you note-taking addicts out there (and those of you who just want to try a very spiritually rewarding experience) I challenge you.  Go ahead, increase your paper-load, use up those pens and mechanical pencils. I promise that this is one addiction you will want to keep!