Depressurizing Part 2!!! …..Fear,Stress

Once I prayerfully prioritized, I felt a release of time tension but I knew emotional garbage clogging up my ability to function.  I then recalled the lessons the Lord taught me the law of the vacuum:


Cleaning Out My Vacuum Cleaner

One morning when I turned on my vacuum cleaner, it made a loud whiney sound as if to say, “leave me alone!”  Then to make matters worse it spit dust into the air causing me to sneeze.  Next it refused to pick up a thing!  Coughing and sneezing, I turned it off, and sighed, resigning myself to the disagreeable task of opening it up and pulling out the bag.  As soon as I got the bag off it was easy to see why it couldn’t pick anything up.  It was clogged with dirt all the way along the hose! 

What an appropriate analogy for my own life I thought!   Too often I let my emotions build up and “clog” things up instead of cleaning them out.


I’ve found that there are many ways to process negative thoughts.  Here is the one I used this morning.  I simply opened up my notebook/planner, found a place with plenty of paper, made columns and started writing:


1.Thoughts   2.Feelings    3.Is This True for Sure?         4. Feelings


I’ll never be able to do all my A’s this week (“Why should that matter?”)

Fear, Stress

Yes (No human could!)


If I don’t do them God will be disappointed (“Why should that matter?”)


No (God loves me unconditionally)


I’ll get behind.  I will feel awful and stressed (“Why should that matter?”) 

Stressed, mad at myself

No (If I am living one prayer at a time I can make progress and that can be good enough)


Then I’ll get sick (“Why should that matter?”)


No (It is possible but if I choose to live one prayer at a time it is less likely)


If I get sick I can’t get stuff done (“Why should that matter?”)


No (My external to-do’s may be at a stand-still but if I get sick maybe God wants me to work on my heart and mind) 


If I don’t get stuff done I’m worthless (THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE STRESS)


NO.  I am not a human-doing. I am a human-being.  I CAN live one prayer at a time and choose priorities through inspiration instead of desperation!                           



As you can see, the 20 minutes it took to do this exercise was well worth the time.  I was able to breathe easier, thank God more naturally and love  others without the uptight stance I took earlier.


My friend, Darla, calls these kind of exercises Truth Therapy.  I think she is right on.  I believe that Satan wants us to be stuck in lies and worry and fear.  He would want us to keep vacuuming with clogged bags  but we can choose to dump the junk and choose light, truth and love.


I have to admit that even though I have used this type of therapy for years I still find myself procrastinating.  I don’t want to make the time to get into it. One of the things that has helped me is the one-page “circle the answer” form I developed and put as a free download in my website

I must take a minute to thank Darla Isackson for introducing me to this kind of processing and Dr. David Burns for sharing ideas and forms in his book Feeling Good, Byron Katie in her book Loving What is and the many people who have shared ideas during support groups I have attended in Twelve-Step Recovery Programs. Additional ideas and applications can be found in My Journey from Darkness to Light.


 I believe that true personal peace comes only through our Brother and Savior Jesus Christ but I also believe he has given us Truth Tools to help us!


          Whether you begin to uncover your truths using ideas from this blog, these books, scriptures or some other source… Try it! You’ll like it!

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  • Sharane  On October 16, 2008 at 3:55 am

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and the knowledge you have gained on your journey. I have felt very overwhelmed lately and this really helped.

    -Sharane 🙂

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