Depressurize with Dots and Dashes!!! Part One

Depressurizing with Dot Dashes!!! Part one



This morning I woke with “to-do lists” swimming around in my mind.  It reminded me of a video I watched where hundreds of minnows were swarming around a giant fish. 


“How can I possibly do it all today” I asked myself.


“You can’t” came the answer.


An idea from My Journey from Darkenss to Light came to my mind


I only have from 8:00 – 12:00 (I have another commitment at 12) = 4 hours


Planned Tasks

(one dot = 15 minutes.  One slash = 1 hour. 

1 (Unplanned Stuff)

1.. Laundry-wash, fold, put away


….. Kitchen cleaned

.. Personal Study

…Shower and Dress

.. Exercise

……Get Groceries

.. E-mail

.. Calls


8 ¾ hrs. I only have 4 hours to work with (no wonder I feel overwhelmed!)


As I evaluate what is MOST important. I use ABC priorities.

A= very important to do in this time frame  (A must!)

B= important but could be done another day (Can BE done another day.)

C= I’d like to do it when I have a chance  (Do when I have a CHANCE.)


***Pause to pray for wisdom***


ABC Example:

     B ..  Laundry (change laundry. Leave the rest for later

     B ..  Kitchen cleaned (quick straightening and dishwasher)

A .. Personal Study

A .. Shower and dress (quick shower, pull hair back)

     B .. Exercise

     B / Get Groceries

A . Emails (I am expecting an important email)

     B .. Calls

A / Unexpected (I know it will happen)

Add up dots and slashes:

2 ¼ hours Total A’s

2 ¾ total B’s

Now all I have to do is eliminate some of the B’s


I then turned to a blank page in my notebook/planner and began my “depressurizing” exercise. 


Today my depressurizing included calls, cleaning house, marketing for my book, teaching guitar, commitments to family and friends, seeing the Chiropractor  and unplanned. 


The Chiropractor visit wasn’t in my plans at all until I woke up with neck pain.  I have to admit that I especially resent unplanned time demands.  I try to remind myself to be more like Mary and say Be it unto me according to thy (will).


I had 7 hours to work with and my demands exceeded 10 hours so I did the dot-dash thing like an old fashioned Moris Code person.  In the end I cut it to 6 hours 45 minutes!


Sometimes I think “I don’t have time to do the dot-dashes but the truth is, I save time because I am able to prayerfully seek the right priorities and work on them with more purpose and less spinning wheels.


See part II later this week…

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