Grandma, I’m Bored!

“Grandma, I’m bored!” four year old Michael declared as if all creation should stop and solve his dilemma. 


From the despair in his voice you would think it was time for the sky to fall down!


Here are some ideas my daughter, Cindy, and I came up with to help him go from darkness to light. 


Cindy put pictures with these ideas so they could be cut up and put in a jar in both our homes for future use.  That way the next time the “I’m bored” monster surfaces we can simply hand him the jar and say “Have fun!”

* There is actually a picture for each activity but it didn’t come through with the cut and paste format.  If you’d like to have the document complete with pictures just email me at  Another idea is to use this list and let your child draw his/her own pictures!


   Play Music and dance!


     build with legos


      Play with cars


            Match cards


 Play computer games


             Call a friend


       Look at a book


Brush my grandmas hair

Rub grandmas feet


Play with the dog



Call a friend or relative


    Play with a ball



Fold paper airplanes



Play dress-up

Jump on trampoline


     Paint with water

Or paint a project outside


Make an aluminum foil sculpture


    Make a blanket fort


Clean with water

   Spray bottle


Play with chalk outside



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  • Heidi  On October 8, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    Those are great pictures and great ideas. Maybe we need one of those jars at our house! (except, of course, it would be brushing MY hair and rubbing MY feet! 🙂 Does he really do that?
    Loveyou !

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