Saturday night, September 20th 2008, was livened up by an unexpected guest. He decided that


our apartment needed a garage, and since management had neglected to add this necessity, he would do the honors. Unfortunately I was on the toilet when this event occurred. I thought, “What are the neighbors up to now? To understand the miracle that occurred, I have to back up five hours  to my unexpected trip to the beloved Wal-mart. I had to pick up my sons band method book, so I stopped to pick up a colleagues baby shower gift. While I was there, I noticed the new movie “Speedracer” was out. While the original plan was to go to bed at 8 pm like normal, I thought it might be nice to have a family movie night. I thought, “Lord, $20 on the credit card, or $20 for the movie?” He said, “Movie.” I thought, wow, I’ve never been told to spend MORE money at Wal-mart before. I didn’t give it another thought. When the movie got over about 10 pm, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. (It was riveting and I didn’t want to miss the ending). David shooed the children to their bedrooms to put their jammies on. The boys were dressing when this occurred, but the girls had disobeyed, and were enjoying a treat on Alex’s bottom bunk.The reason they are alive is because the bunk bed stopped the dresser from falling on them. The reason my husband and I are alive is because we stayed up to watch the movie!The driver side front tire of Elio’s truck landed and spun where my husband puts his head at night. We are thankful to God for this miracle. The next time pastor decides to preach about living like we are dying (yes, like the country song), I think we will decline the privilege.


It has been nearly two weeks.  Josie and David continue to move from the dark nightmare of having their apartment smashed to the light of what comes next.  As we helped clean up the debris she frequently reminded us and herself that “God was not surprised by this.  He is in control and will help us.”


Josie and David are still living in David’s home and working toward a home loan.  Ideally they would like to find someone who owns their home and would be willing to offer a rent-to-own situation.  If you know about a situation like that in the Salt Lake Area please email me at
Thanks for being an example of going from darkness to light and helping others do so as well.















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  • Grandma  On October 5, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    We love you, Coltons

  • Grandma  On October 5, 2008 at 3:12 pm


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